Personal Information

Wayne Lincoln

Key Skills / Technologies

  • Typescript / Javascript

  • Node.js

  • Express / Koa

  • React / React Native

  • Headless CMS (Strapi, Contentful, Sanity)

  • Gatsby

  • Next.js

  • Vue

  • GraphQL

  • HTML

  • CSS / SASS

  • PHP

  • Laravel

  • Traditional CMS (Wordpress, Joomla)

Other Interests

  • Surfing

  • Playing guitar

  • Video games

  • 3d animation

  • Music

  • Tech podcasts / books / blogs / tutorials

More information can be found on my origin story post

Excited by the web, mobile and technology in general, Wayne is constantly in pursuit of knowledge and new skills to complement his array of interests and areas of expertise. Wayne loves to learn new technologies, frameworks and tools to increase development efficiency and to find effective ways to solve problems for teams and clients that he works alongside. He is inspired by the opportunities that exist in the ever-expanding connected world and would love to work alongside people who share a passion for creating amazing digital experiences.

Work Experience

Fullstack Engineer
October 2021 - Present
  • Member of the UI Platform team developing infrastructure for use by other engineering teams

Hello Again
Fullstack Developer
July 2019 - October 2021
  • Development of web and mobile applications using Node/express, React, React Native, Unity, Vue, Gatsby, Snipcart, Laravel, Contentful, Sanity.io, Mailchimp, Amazon Web Services, GraphQL, Cloudinary

The Merrier
Frontend Developer
May 2018 - November 2018
  • Development of website and e-commerce platform (dynamically generated storefronts for social media influencers) using Node/express, React, Next.js, Snipcart, Contentful, Mailchimp, Amazon Web Services, GraphQL and Cloudinary

  • Development of features in the React Native driven mobile app for social media influencers where users could populate their shopfronts with products and choose a charity project to support

  • Ensuring website/storefronts were completely server side rendered for maximum SEO optimisation and able to be shared and rendered on all social channels

  • Custom routing and build configurations for website/storefronts

  • Maintenance of production databases and backend microservices dealing with GraphQL

  • Creation of dynamically generated Google Slides presentations for team meetings based on data being fetched from spreadsheets

North Coast Ad Agency
Fullstack Developer / IT administrator
January 2011 - July 2012, November 2015 - May 2018
  • Development of web applications and internal tools using PHP and Javascript (jQuery, Vue, React), connected to MySQL/NoSQL databases

  • Providing technical support, training seminars and training documents for clients

  • Working with designers to ensure designs adhere to best web practices, are responsive, accessible and standards compliant

Freelance / Contracting
Fullstack Developer
January 2009 - Present
  • Website development in React, Vue, Node, Gatsby, Wordpress, Joomla, static HTML


Bachelor of Information Technology - Major in Software Engineering
Southern Cross University
Units focused on general Information Technology, mathematics, business, accounting. Programming languages and tools included C++, Java, Visual Basic, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Hi, I'm Wayne.

I am a developer at Linktree who is passionate about learning new technologies across all levels of the stack. This website acts as an outlet for me to share my learnings, as well as provide ideation of solutions to the problems we face while trying to deliver products for the modern web and beyond.

Feel free to reach out if you have any requests, critiques, comments, suggestions, or even if you just want to say "Hey!" via the linked social channels or email below.

See-ya amongst the 1's and 0's!

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